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Meditate and Relax at Yoga Meditation Night

Posted in Local Events @ Aug 12th 2016 12:40pm - By Administrator
 Yoga Meditation Studio Palm Beach

Feeling tired and stressed? Discover the practice of yoga meditation during a night filled with relaxation and rejuvenation. Yoga meditation is about focusing your mind on the sound vibration of a mantra.

There will be an introduction to meditation and breathing exercises before the session proper. Next is the practise of meditating while doing yoga. Afterwards, a delicious yet healthy dessert will be served.

Meditation is about being in the here and now. It teaches you to be mindful of the present and to not be judgmental of where your mind wanders during meditation. If your mind wanders, you can gently remind it to come back to the present.

Mindful breathing is being conscious of how you breathe – how your body responds to every inhale and exhale that you do. It is a simple exercise to calm you down and allow you to thank yourself for being in the present.

Yoga Meditation Night is a good time to meet new people in an uplifting environment. There will be music that is appropriate for meditation during Yoga Meditation Night to help you. Yoga Meditation Night starts on 8 December 2016 and will be available weekly. It will be held at Mantras on Tahiti, Tahiti Avenue, Palm Beach. The Yoga Meditation Studio Palm Beach is the organizer of this event. Tickets cost $5 for the whole night of rest and relaxation.

Finding a relaxing environment near Bilinga Beach is something that is as stress-free as yoga meditation. You can choose a Gold Coast Holiday Accommodation at Pacific Place Apartments. These Bilinga Apartments are a ten-minute drive away from Tahiti Avenue where the yoga studio is located. Enjoy these fully-furnished Gold Coast Holiday Apartments that include access to tropical landscaped gardens, saltwater swimming pools, a heated spa, and much more! It’s a good time to relax and unwind and fully enjoy the present goodness of life!

For booking information, please visit http://pacificplace.etourism.net.au/

Image Source : Ymsa



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