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Glow Worm Cave and Natural Bridge Tour

Posted in Location & Attractions @ Dec 14th 2016 11:35am - By Administrator
Glow Worm Caves

Experience one of the Gold Coast’s most mesmerizing natural light shows at the Natural Bridge and Glow Worm Cave tour. It’s an evening tour that will bring you to the Glow Worm Cave.

It is located in the ancient coastal rainforest of Springbrook National Park. The park is home to the Glow Worm Cave where there are millions of tiny worms that illuminate the cave!

There are many hiking trails through the Gondwana rainforest which is located in the Springbrook National Park. It brings you to a whole new world filled with nature and stars. This is definitely a must-see at night!

Flashlights will be provided to help you make your way to the Natural Bridge Cave. The Cave is an impressive rock formation that has been carved through time by the force of a waterfall.

At present, it is home to a colony of glow worms. They seem invisible during the day but their beauty comes out at night with their marvelous ability to glow in the dark.

In the park, you will encounter nocturnal wildlife such as bats, owls and tree frogs. Witness the whole rainforest come alive at night with the sounds that come from the animals around you.

Later on in the tour, you will have an opportunity to stargaze at the unpolluted night sky.

During the tour, there will be a live commentary from your local guide. The guide will also lead you through the rainforest. Flashlight and equipment may be rented as well. There is also an optional dinner available, and a hotel pick-up and drop-off service.

This three-hour tour is a great opportunity if you’re interested in nature and seeing something unusual – the worms that glow in the dark. You may learn a lot of new facts about Australian wildlife and nature such as how the moon faces the opposite direction in Australia compared to how it faces the Northern Hemisphere.

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Image Source : Glow Worm Caves



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